Keeping the Word of GOD/ Memelihara Firman ALLAH

Day 13 Keeping the Word of GOD

Teach me to keep YOUR Word O GOD in my life. Keep by liven up YOUR Word through my attitudes, minds, words and deeds. That is staying in YOUR Word. To know YOU better and right. In the name of CHRIST, amen. John 15: 7-8

Hari 13 Memelihara Firman ALLAH

Ajarlah saya untuk memelihara FirmanMU ya ALLAH dalam hidup saya. Memelihara dengan cara menghidupkannya selalu melalui sikap, pikiran, perkataan dan perbuatan saya. Itulah tinggal di dalamMU. MengenalMU semakin baik dan benar. Dalam nama KRISTUS, amin. Yohanes 15:7-8


2 thoughts on “Keeping the Word of GOD/ Memelihara Firman ALLAH

  1. Prayer and guidance for those who are single, still searching and waiting please. I am 38 and haven’t met the one who I feel is right for me..( not by choice or lack of trying I was with someone for a long time, thought we wanted the same thing, but it just didn’t work)
    Everyone around me is married have children or having babies. I am constantly bombarded by negitivities from people around me, friends and media..I have come to a point were I just believe only God Knows my path he knows what’s best…I admit there are times it really gets me down…
    Thing that I hear all the time:
    – your too picky
    – you have left it too late
    – just settle
    – you will have deformed children or no children at all.
    -your eggs will dry up
    – There is no such thing as the right one.
    – your are too old guys want younger women who are still fertile.


    Thank you God bless!

    • Remember to keep your heart dilligently, be glad in the LORD always! Psalm 37:4
      You do not know why & what happen to you, but Lord Jesus said : later on you will understand (John 13:7).
      Thank you for sharing me your story. I will pray for you, that God will give you a godly husband in His time.

      God bless you!

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