Strengthen faith and comforting/ Menguatkan iman dan menghibur

Day 9 Strengthen faith and comforting

When i get to know YOU O GOD, received YOUR wisdom and revelation, my faith is strengthened and comforted me. I am also able to strengthen the faith of others around me and comforted them. Therefore grant me YOUR spirit of wisdom and revelation O GOD. In the name of CHRIST, amen. Romans 1: 11-12

Hari 9 Menguatkan iman dan menghibur

Saat saya mengenalMU ya ALLAH, mendapat hikmat dan pewahyuanMU, iman saya dikuatkan dan saya dihibur. Saya pun dapat menguatkan iman sesama di sekitar saya dan menghibur mereka. Karena itu berilah saya roh hikmat dan wahyuMU ya ALLAH. Dalam nama KRISTUS, amin. Roma 1:11-12

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