I accepted the challenge from Gung Inda.

I was nominated to post pictures that make me happy to be a mom. I’m going to pick the ladies that I think are fabulous moms and can rise up to the challenge of posting pics of their own.
If I’ve tagged you, copy the text and paste it to your wall with your own pics.

😘😘😘 – with Oka, amy, Ririn, AgungDianIndraswari, Geugeu, Luhde, felicia, ekarini, Ratih, Ratna, Gek, Cokgek, Ayu, Dewi, elsa, Ratna, Debby, pon, Mem, Katrin, Peggy💐, Christiana, Desak, Ida, Catherine, Glory, Belle, Maureen, Nanik, Dede, Ersianti, Putu Dian, Elis, Eni Rudiastuti, Apni, Adele, Murti, Istrianom, Annyta, Yunz, and Soma

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